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Enertec SA was founded by Brad Lucas with an objective of bringing to the resource sector a true and effective value add to operations. With over 20 years of experience and lessons learned on what leads to a high performing, effective, safe, reliable and profitable operations. His philosophy, approach and systems will ensure to lead your business and operation towards Operational Excellence that will bring a safer operation, reduced costs, higher up-time and increased productivity.

Enertec provides a range of services not only to the physical assets but also the people assets, the road to operational excellence starts with the operations personnel, attitude, culture and behavior is the key to success.

About Complete Asset Management/Operational Management program packages

The path to true Operational Excellence, these are multi-level packages that are based on a mid to long-term service contract. The success of all Asset and Operational initiatives require an experienced Asset Manager to project manage the program from the project phase through to the operational phase. What differentiates us from others is that this is not a ‘program dump’ on operations and the business, we understand the operational priorities.

Brad has operational experience in managing operations as well as implementing programs at the same time and is hands on. Operations alone tend struggle to get a program off the ground, especially if there are a lot of operational issues to attend to, this is the cause of most program failures. Brad can manage and advise throughout the project phase, so operations can focus on operations.

How it works

The duration of the program depends on the size and complexity of the operations, in most cases will be between 6 and 12 months. The time spent by the consultant is not full-time, unless the client prefers otherwise.

Benefits and Value

"The road to operational excellence starts with the people"

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