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Great companies exist because of their great teams and people and should constantly be searching for talent to add to their business success. Dealing with recruiters can often be a challenge in itself, the need to educate the recruiter on the specifics of the talent you need and the costs associated once a recruiter has found a hire. 15% to 20% plus of base salary commission is a significant cost exposure, there is now a more cost effective approach...

Brad Lucas has over 15 years experience in talent management and acquisition, hiring hundreds of specialized technicians and operations personnel to the Oil & Gas and Energy industries. Now, with access to over 3,000 professionals globally, your business can have access to top talent at a lump sum cost averaging 4% to 10% max.
Method: Based upon your requirements, criteria and location, a talent search is conducted for the best matches. These searches are carried out discretely, there is no advertising, no gunshot approach to attracting an interest to a pool of candidates that result in hundreds of candidates showing interest, this is done on an individual basis. After receiving interest from a small handful of prospective candidates and successful interviews their details are then sent to you for review, if acceptable then the introduction is made to the candidate for the final process. 


Talent Serviced: Recruiting only specialized operations personnel as per below for local, regional, FIFO, International and Expat positions.


Details required for the acquisition process:


Schedule of rates: 

National (Australia)

Per hire full time employee: $4,500 AUD excluding taxes

Per hire contract: 10% gross salary excluding taxes


Per hire full time employee: $4,000.00 USD excluding taxes

Per hire contract: 10% gross salary excluding taxes


In the case the contractor becomes a full time employee, the difference between full time hire rate and what has been paid on the contract rate would be payable if at all. 


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